The Wanderer
"Unstable Procedure," "Unstable Procedure," "Unstable Procedure," "In the Bath House, Without Glasses," "Another"

The Tiny
"In Unsettled Fields," "Interstate," "Axis Point"

"Shapes of Others"

Gigantic Sequins
"Shell / Texture / Stroking / Almost"

"In Isolation"

Public Pool
"At the Front Door," "All Possible Points Along Which These Lines," "Dolls"

"The Record Remains in Dreams"

The Quotidian Bee [originally published in CutBank]
"from The Bone and the Body"

Yes, Poetry
"A Door at the End of the Hall," "Shoreline," "An Abundance of Small Realities"

Quarterly West
"Bomb / Shell," "Poem Involving the Animal"

The Atlas Review
"Military Border," "Unstable Procedure"

Houseguest Magazine
"Missives," "Common Places," "The Application of Mascara and Eyeliner in the Dim Locker Room Before the First Bell"


Sink Review
“Sight by Sound by Shade”


Tarpaulin Sky Magazine
“Letter to a Tenant – October 26,” “To the Woman in the Woods – November 7,” “To the Woman in the Woods – November 11,” “Letter to a Tenant – November 14,” “Letter to a Tenant – November 22,” “Letter to a Tenant – November 23″

Song of the Week: “Cello Concerto in E Minor Op. 85 – Adagio – Moderato” by Edward Elgar

Nashville Review
“A Remnant” and “Missives,” July 2014

Sundog Lit
“Exercises in Energy,” June 2014

Ghost Proposal
“Sand Map,” April 2014

La Vague
“A False Door,” “Memorial Days,” February 2014

Bayou Magazine
“Orangerie,” “To the Woman in the Woods – November 9,” June 2013

Mixed Fruit
from Future Skirt,” March 2013

from The Bone and the Body,” “from The Bone and the Body,” March 2013

from The Bone and the Body,” “from The Bone and the Body,” March 2013

Artifice Magazine
“Suburban Development: Blueprint and Rendering,” February 2013

Sixth Finch
“To the Woman in the Woods – December 13,” January 2013

The Journal
from Future Skirt,” January 2013

ILK Journal
from Future Skirt,” “from Future Skirt,” “from Future Skirt,” August 2012

“Posted Notice – November 29,” “Posted Notice – December 1,” “Posted Notice – December 10,” “Letter to a Tenant – December 16,” July 2012

treehouse magazine
“Letter to a Tenant – October 30,” “Letter to a Tenant – October 31,” “Letter to a Tenant – November 1,” June 2012

“Circle of Salt – October 28,” “Circle of Salt – November 11,” “Circle of Salt – November 25,” “To the Woman in the Woods – December 20,” “To the Woman in the Woods – January 2,” 2012

Jellyfish Magazine
“Circle of Salt,” 2011

Matter Press: The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts
“Terms of Lease,” 2011

Copper Nickel
“The Department for Wandering Ghosts,” “The Enamelist,” “A Natural History of Sleep,” 2011

For Every Year
“Infant / Infanta,” 2011

alice blue review
“Letters to a Tenant,” “To the Woman in the Woods,” “Letter to a Tenant,” 2011

Word For / Word
“Cell,” “Fault,” “Father to Son,” and “Keys to Missing Teeth,” 2011

“Source Mythologies,” 2010

Bat City Review
“Lucy,” 2010

Front Porch Journal
“Forty Years,” “Minor Prophets,” “Please Bring Me Back My Head,” “Their Nymphs Emerge in June,” 2009