strega nona

launching / onslaught / pasta by Laura Kochman

Often, after I write a blog post, I have the urge to go back and add to it. To clarify, to make sure all details are present, which leads to more details. I'm realizing that I also do this with poems sometimes, and used to use it as a drafting strategy. I would write a short piece very quickly and then break it up into fragments, and use each fragment as a launchpad. It's not how I work all the time, but it's useful. I think it also speaks to a worry of mine, about what is known and public and perceived, and what is not. If I don't say it, will you assume it's not on my mind? If I don't explain, will you understand? And so I end up with big, soupy poems, and whole books that are actually all one poem, all one movement. Is that a good way to work? I don't know. Is that what this blog is for? I don't know. I enjoy reading most when I have room to teach myself. Maybe this is why form is so important to me—it can never be just casual. All the poem parts are telling something.

Oh that's just me, trying to save the villagers from the onslaught of my clarifications.