two new poems by Laura Kochman

Here is a tiny note just to say that I had two poems come out recently! One is online, with Pith, and the other is in print, for Gigantic Sequins. These are both very body-oriented pieces, one quite small and the other more expansive, one a shy watcher and the other acting upon itself. Both questioning the shapes I've been told I need to fill as a woman, both attempting overlap and triangulation, undoing, undone.

by Laura Kochman

Turns out this is the craziest time of the year. Oops.

I drove back and forth to Western PA and then took way too many trains to read in Brooklyn for the first time for The Atlas Review, and then jumped back into business and just had a visit from a Bama friend, and the weekends never seem to be long enough. My parents and sister threw a book party for me, which was incredibly sweet. I had cake after dinner every day for almost a week.

It has all been fast and fun, but I'm looking forward to some slower days, and time to think. I want to revisit Doors of New Jersey and see how I feel about it after a year. I want to edit the burst of writing I did last summer and fall, and add to it. As always, I want to write more openly, more affectively, more effectively.

More like these poems, which just went live in Quarterly West today. I'm going to refrain from telling you how many times "Bomb / Shell" has been rejected, but it's one that I couldn't let go. It's one that destabilizes me, and I want more of that, selfishly.

book birthday! by Laura Kochman

Wednesday, May 20 was the official launch for The Bone and the Body, and then I went to New York to read for The Atlas Review, so what I'm saying is that I'm totally exhausted but pleased and proud, and here is the link to purchase the book, and here it is on Goodreads, and the first 20 orders come with letterpress materials (made by me!), and I will write more about this all later.

I will also take pictures of my cat dressed as a bat, so, you know, don't worry.

still / here by Laura Kochman

I have spent some time this morning updating broken links and I realized that I never posted about some of my recent work, out there in the world, living quietly on the Internet. So, for you:

"Nomadic" in TYPO

One theory is about riding a bike
but we cannot apply this to language
Believing in script as a replacement for the body

"Sight by Sound by Shade" in Sink Review

Grafted onto another body     you     looking at you

And I in the future of the imagination look too

[not pictured]

Coldfront Song of the Week: “Cello Concerto in E Minor Op. 85 – Adagio – Moderato” by Edward Elgar

At the center of the stage the body is shaking.


B tells me that blogging is "over," but I am only just now hearing about the phrase "on fleek," so I think I'll stay behind the times for a bit longer. Here's to saying things out loud.

by Laura Kochman

A poem of mine is up in Sundog Lit's new issue! It is very exciting because I like this poem, even though I wrote it several years ago and it got rejected a lot, and now it finally has a home. Also, it's next to Shane McRae poems in the table of contents, which makes me flap my hands a little. Tomorrow I'm going to spend some morning hours just sitting around and writing whatever. I'm embarrassed to say that it will be the first time in a while that I've done this. I keep falling asleep at 9:30, and spending my days at work, and spending my days off going to Ikea, but tomorrow! tomorrow is the day.