by Laura Kochman

Somehow, I whiled away half the day already. I mean, "somehow" = clipping the cat's nails, vacuuming my entire house, getting my drippy faucet fixed, having the maintenance man nail down that front window screen (NO MORE CAT VENTURES), making myself an extremely perfect omelet. So you know, I have actually done a lot of work this morning. Just not the reading/writing kind of work.

Not to worry, as soon as I water the plants, it's time to get down with words. I'm halfway through reading/commenting on a manuscript, with another one waiting, half of Autobiography of Red left to read, SO MANY submissions, and I may have committed to reading both Moby Dick and Consider the Lobster over the next two weeks.

It's okay though, because a thing I have learned about myself over the years is that I like being busy. I like having measurable tasks to do, with outcomes that I can look forward to. I like measuring out my days with segments for different tasks. It helps me concentrate and feel less frantic about the things I have to do, and when I concentrate and feel less frantic, I write more easily. So really, this is all designed with that goal in mind.

by Laura Kochman

ALSO I forgot: CHOCOLATE-PEACH pasta sauce-making tonight with sister and Emma! It is the MOST DELIGHTFUL:

CHALLAH by Laura Kochman

We did this last night:


And this:


Shortly followed by this:


Which then became this:




I've never made challah before in my life, so this was a surprise. We ended up with two loaves, one of which we ate most of immediately, and another that we made french toast out of this morning. There is still a lot left. I have a feeling I'm going to start showing up on people's doorsteps with challah.

Before the baking, I also read a ton of BWR submissions and watered the garden, so it was a pretty productive day. Still no sitting-down-to-write, though.

a great need by Laura Kochman

First radio show accomplished, with much assistance from the lovely Emma, who blogs over at It was nerve-wracking because my nerves are easily wracked, and yes maybe the station manager RAN up the stairs and BURST into the studio to help us, but hey it worked out okay in the end and my boyfriend said I sounded like NPR so maybe there's a future for me after all. NPR are you listening?? I even got a call-in while I was working, asking the name of one of the songs I played. [youtube=]

I am so happy to have my sister here, because she understands things like a GREAT NEED to make pad thai (pictures forthcoming). We cooked up a bunch last night, after re-discovering the asian grocery store in town (for some reason, my first impression of that place was pretty lackluster, but it was great yesterday). Check it out at 1910 Greensboro Avenue. They have so many different kinds of ramen noodles, and frozen dumplings, and aloe drinks that my sister swears are authentic, like she used to buy them in China. Now I'm stocked up on fish sauce, so I can make pad thai any time I like, though it won't be the same without sister here to carefully/slowly chop the green onions at exactly the same length. I'm already yelling at her about stealing the book I'm reading. It's just like childhood all over! Next thing you know we'll be sitting on the couch and I'll squeal every time her foot touches mine. Ah, siblings.