by Laura Kochman

I have just obtained a parking permit so that I can park in my own neighborhood, and I also just realized that I've kept this blog up for over 2 years. I missed that anniversary, completely. Looking back at my first blog post in 2012, I can tell you that I never built that coffee table, nor have I framed the broadsides. The coffee table's a wash since we got one from IKEA, but I still plan on doing something with those broadsides. And! two years later, I'm still obsessed with houses and home and belonging and longing. At that point I didn't know the house in Margate would fill with sand during the hurricane, or that I'd never go back there. I have three orchids now, and the descendent of that original wandering jew plant. I hardly got any tomatoes that summer, because of the heat and blossom end rot. I didn't know the tree behind my house would get hit by lightning. I also remember, very clearly, counting up my mosquito bites that summer and hitting 72, but according to my own blog, I never did that, so, memory is faulty I guess. I started writing here for a few different reasons, one of which was to force myself to be a more honest and open writer (and maybe a more honest and open person). Doors of New Jersey is the second most honest and open thing I've ever done, and this blog is probably the first. Happy two years, blog.

[ the oldest photo of me I could find on my computer / somebody's party / I'm the one with the balloon ]