/ by Laura Kochman

Turns out this is the craziest time of the year. Oops.

I drove back and forth to Western PA and then took way too many trains to read in Brooklyn for the first time for The Atlas Review, and then jumped back into business and just had a visit from a Bama friend, and the weekends never seem to be long enough. My parents and sister threw a book party for me, which was incredibly sweet. I had cake after dinner every day for almost a week.

It has all been fast and fun, but I'm looking forward to some slower days, and time to think. I want to revisit Doors of New Jersey and see how I feel about it after a year. I want to edit the burst of writing I did last summer and fall, and add to it. As always, I want to write more openly, more affectively, more effectively.

More like these poems, which just went live in Quarterly West today. I'm going to refrain from telling you how many times "Bomb / Shell" has been rejected, but it's one that I couldn't let go. It's one that destabilizes me, and I want more of that, selfishly.