/ by Laura Kochman

I've been trying to write a little journal-like thought at the top of the page in my writing journal, an appetizer for my brain for each day that I sit down to write. I just now realized I should have been blogging those. Here's today:  

Today is my birthday! 7 minutes to write. I spent most of my time this morning reading poems in lit journals, because I feel most like writing when I’ve been reading. I wasn’t super in love with anything I read today, though. A week ago I read a Sasha Fletcher poem in Big Lucks and that was the last thing I was gaga about. I have a few books coming to me in the mail, to review, but otherwise I think I’ve read almost every book I have already.

HA. It’s hilarious that I just said that. There’s no way that that’s true.


And then I wrote. So it seems useful. I've always needed a small push to get started, so it's good to know that about myself and work with it, instead of against it.