/ by Laura Kochman

I began to write in an ugly wayTo subtract myself from womanhood and see only A person in bas-relief with crucial parts and cartoon Grief. Grooming and fashion make a seduction To hide the horrors of the day. I have to be bad to be this way. I will give it up for you. I think I am ready to. I want to be sick over something else And act like another kind of person, a writer With ideas, not selves, a woman with values More than scars and years and you know Um tears.

- Ariana Reines


Finally / Reading Mercury / Making attempts to write in an ugly way / Having attended previews of our next poetry faculty candidates / Having realized / really / My need to be taught / To teach myself / To mourn my Self the Student / and to write more Um Tears / in the politics of my thesis as it becomes its own municipality.