as if the psychical had to obtain its credentials as a double of the physical organism / by Laura Kochman

Today I'm thinking about the Self and the Other, or trying to--Lacan is not the easiest person to read. I've never taken a class on philosophy, or even studied much theory, but I find it really interesting and generative. I guess this is practice for finding things to read post-school. I'm having a lot of anxiety right now over the writing in my thesis that I haven't done, that I need to do to fill in the spaces that keep it from being a whole book, not just a collection of things thinking from the same brain. There are plenty of people who dislike the so-called 'project' books coming out of MFA programs, and while I agree that framed/narrative-based poetry books don't always NEED to be so structured, that's also my favorite kind of poetry book to read--when it's written that way because the writing demands it. I tend to be that kind of writer, thinking about the whole of the book, as I tend to read poetry books that way. I read an interview recently with an old professor of mine in which he declared you can always read any book of poetry in any order, and I winced. I mean, of course you can. But at least the first time through, why not spend some time working through the structure that was so carefully put together for the reader's benefit?

All this to say I'm working on thinking today.