/ by Laura Kochman

Stein discovers the self as an incident of the sentence, an obscure moment of the diagram: the self as mere accident of grammar, by-product of whatever conventions govern the relations between subjects & objects. Under the lawful spell of grammar, one finds one's self a sentenced thing. The pleasure completely exciting of diagramming sentences thus becomes the pleasure of undoing, suspending one's self-possession in the fault between body and law, the pleasure completely possessing of one's own suspension. - Rob Halpern

I'm only a page and half into the introduction to Melissa Buzzeo's For Want and Sound and I'm already really fucking excited. I'm glad I let go of that other book, so I could be reading this one right now. Just flipping through, it looks like all the things I'm interested in right now: the sentence, white space, fragmented narrative, loooooooong stretches of interrelated pages of poems, a book all together and jamming with itself.