/ by Laura Kochman

The statue as an intermediary stage between tree and man. Tree as intermediary between stoneand sun. It was a language, and it spelled a name in space that erased space.

- Cole Swensen

Ours was one of those books that deeply changed the way I thought about the field of the page in poetry. I thought, You can DO that? You can have this kind of fundamental relationship between the text and the appearance of the text? You can make the page itself a garden? Rereading it years later, the use of space doesn't feel as radically experimental, but I still love it.

In this brand-new Thesis Mode, I'm trying to read as much as I can toward the questions/forms/ideas my project is thinking about. I mean, the questions/forms/ideas that I'm thinking about. A large amount of this has been rereading, which I've really enjoyed. I don't always give myself the time to go back to old favorites, but I should.