/ by Laura Kochman

It didn't take long, it was just one roll of film. I took a couple of photos here and there, in the bathroom, in the hallway...I put six pieces from that roll in a group show at Hallwalls in December. After that I lost track of the negatives, I never knew what happened to them, they just sort of disappeared...so for years after, when I wanted a copy of one of them, I'd rephotograph the photograph. Maybe ten or fifteen years later someone at Hallwalls got in touch with me, saying, We've found this roll of film we think is yours.- Cindy Sherman, "The Making of Untitled"

Again, the art object lost and recreated and left behind. The invocation of gallery. What can we say about originals and loci. What can we say about the casualness with which we treat our own bodies as objects.