/ by Laura Kochman

But if waves cannot unfold all their folds at once— but if folds are atoms and atoms are crypts and upon the crypts are written—.

But if—as they approach each other—the writing in the crypt does change—

if—as we approach each other—gravity does bend

the light.


-Sarah Vap


Today is the first day in a while I am sitting down and reading something with intention. I spent much of the morning sending emails, then trying to run a practice 5K and failing, a combination of having worked out yesterday, running in the heat without drinking enough water, and an old dance injury acting up. I'm just hoping my knee can handle the race on Saturday. I spent the afternoon showing a new student around campus and talking about the program, saying wonderful things and meaning all of them. A friend of mine has set up a weekly workshop this summer, something she's insistent about being a space of intention, so after I finish reading this Sarah Vap book with intention, I'm going to write with intention, and print whatever I write tomorrow with the intention of bringing it to the workshop. I will do the things I say I'll do, because they're things I want to do. I'll read and write in cool shadows and run along the river and sit very still whenever I want.