/ by Laura Kochman

Last night I dreamed that I was on a college campus the size of a city, criss-crossed with bus routes too complicated for me to understand. I needed to get to a different part of campus, but I kept getting on the wrong bus, or missing the right bus because the place was so crowded, everyone pushing around and not looking where they were going. I went to the wrong place over and over, and time was running out. I hate not having a clear direction, so this dream does not entirely surprise me, but it is frustrating. Especially because I have never had problems with public transportation, even in cities I was visiting for the first time. Even in cities where the signs weren't in English, or another language I understood. Running parallel to my dream, I am currently stuck on campus because my car is parked in a deck that needs payment to exit, and the web site where students put $ on their student cards is down. So I really, actually, can't get where I need to go.