/ by Laura Kochman

I reread Cole Swensen's The Glass Age, made a nice dent in The Poetics of Space, and started rereading Jenny Boully's The Body, so this plane trip was a success. Also, neither one of my planes crashed, which I very much appreciated. Lately, I've been interested in rereading things, trying to re-experience a text that formed my writing or spoke to my writing or tapped my writing on the shoulder shouting HEY before running away. I'm also trying to figure out, specifically, if my approach to writing through/on/about space is difficult/different/unmoving. Workshop has been a strange experience this semester. I haven't actually taken a workshop in two years, but I have taken classes in which I got feedback on my work, from people who've been reading it since I entered this program, and now most of those people are graduated. Having a lot of new eyes on my writing is helpful, because I have to look at it from a new perspective, but also less helpful, because there are things that I understand in a certain way, and one of the things I've learned over the last few years is to trust my instincts, trust the thing that I enjoy about the piece. Also, I am very stubborn. Um, extremely stubborn.