/ by Laura Kochman

I feel like the worst blogger ever, but I was told recently that I apologize too often, so this is me not saying sorry. Instead, this is me up waaay past my old lady bedtime, ecstatic because my cat has not been pooping and he has finally pooped, and also because three of my Cheerleader poems are up on ILK today! I got the acceptance just a couple of days ago, and they are so quick. This is Cheerleader's first public appearance. It is a very different happiness from the first thing I mentioned, but both of these things are good things.

There's also a very loud thunderstorm going on right now, and I'm a little sad because I remember a time when I loved sleeping through storms. The lightning and thunder lulled me to sleep. Ever since the tornado (even though that day was actually quite storm-free) storms have freaked me out, even when there are no weather warnings. I get nervous when the wind picks up, and I can't stop thinking about how many trees could fall and where they would fall and would they go through both floors of my house.

The reason I haven't been writing lately is that I've been wrapped up in self-improvement--eating and exercising better, doing more BWR work. But somehow writing got cut out of that schedule, and I'm going to fix that. After I finalize my syllabus.