/ by Laura Kochman

I've just returned from spending the day at the water park, Splash Adventure (used to be Alabama Adventure, and before that was VisionLand? or something like that). They changed the name really recently, so the highway is still Alabama Adventure Parkway. It turns out that a small, local water park is really not that impressive, but it was still fun to be there with friends. It also turns out that I get claustrophobic and can't breathe inside those enclosed tube slides. Really. It has been so hot here, and on the way home, the heat finally broke into thunderstorms, the rain so heavy it was a little hard to drive in. Made me regret watering the garden this morning. The weather has been so terrible lately that all I've wanted to do is sit around (hence the not-blogging), but I really don't want to continue in this way. That manuscript deadline made me read and write and think a lot, and I enjoyed it, and don't want to lose that habit. Plus, we're in solicitation mode for the upcoming feature, and I just got a fresh batch of submissions, and I'll be deep in contest entries soon. So no more hot days of lying around! Or, I will lie around and read rather than watching various Bravo Housewives franchise episodes.