/ by Laura Kochman

Today is my birthday! I never know how to handle birthdays. I come from a long tradition of bad birthdays. But this one will be great! I can feel it. I don't have to travel anywhere, and I don't think everyone has forgotten my birthday (that really only could have happened in the pre-Facebook era. Shows how old I am?). Here is the very first ripe tomato from my garden, which I ate just a few minutes ago:

It was an itty bitty cherry tomato, because in a sad turn of events, pretty much all of the larger tomatoes have blossom end rot. Whomp whomp. The cherries all look lovely though, starting to turn colors, and there's some giant okra growing, along with teeny peppers and watermelon. And I fell asleep last night after a long conversation with boyfriend about my book and what it means to me and how it makes meaning and what its philosophy is, so that was a nice way to ring in my birthday.