writing again and it feels so good / by Laura Kochman

I wrote this morning! I lit a candle and sat on my bed and got down to business. Read the chapbook all the way through out loud, realized that some things were in a strange order, wrote a new section, transposed a bunch of pages. It was nice. I'd like to do that more often. Cheerleader is not a character that gets stuck in time, and I don't want her to get stuck in nowhere-ville on my laptop because I am too busy/anxious/sweaty to write. Dear Self: Those things don't matter, and the work has to get done anyway. Also, I finally have internet at my new apartment now, after spending two hours with the AT&T technician. We chatted about the hugeness of the place, the difference between flooring in Alabama and Jamaica, my cat's low voice, New York multi-family homes and their cable issues, etc. The company somehow got my address wrong, putting in Northport instead of Tuscaloosa, sending my modem to an address that does not exist, and he called in a favor to get someone to just bring me one. Why did they not do that in the first place, I wonder? It doesn't matter. I can watch shitty TV again.