karma? / by Laura Kochman

The house that I mentioned in my first post, my grandmother's house in Margate, gets rented out over the summers and will most likely be sold this year. I've been going there since I was a kid, and it's sort of the kernel behind my book manuscript [disclaimer: connecting myself with a book manuscript feels very strange and uneasy, like I'm claiming something I have no right to, but I'm forcing myself to do it anyway. It's good for me]. So the house is usually rented over the summer, but this year they've rented it out for a few weeks in the off season, in April and May. Except apparently the people they've rented to won't leave. The property manager went to talk to them, and they told him to get a lawyer and shut the door.

I've been writing about a beach house with bad landlord/tenant relations for several years now. I mean, the landlord may or may not be a ghost, and the tenant may or may not exist, but still. It feels reflective. And maybe this will spur some new work?

But really--those people had better leave. I am offended by their actions. Out!