garden garden garden! / by Laura Kochman

I have just returned from checking in on the garden at my new apartment, and it is great. It is more than great. It is growing. The tomatoes are flowering, and I caught a bumblebee going from bud to bud. The fire ant beds even look smaller. Gardening is not a thing that I have a lot of experience with, but I've been getting up to do it every other morning, dragging the hose through the ant beds and pulling up weeds like nobody's business. It's one of those activities that calms me, active and requiring thought, a presence in the moment. Yoga and dance have been like that for me in the past, and horseback riding, too. The necessity of presence in your body and not in your mind (or at least not on the surface of your mind). When the writing is good, it feels like that, too.

Also, my sister is coming to town today! This is the first time a family member has visited me in Alabama, almost two years since I moved here. I'm very, very excited. That picture is an accurate depiction of how we like to have fun.